EU TERRIFIED after Finland election populist SURGE exposes real crisis to ...

Far right successes have sent shock waves throughout the EUFar right successes have sent shock waves throughout the EU (Image: GETTY)

The strong performance of the far-right in Finland's elections has shown the strength of anti-immigrant parties across the continent. The elections have caused consternation in Brussels ahead of the EU Parliament elections from May 23-26. A similar pattern has emerged in Estonia where prime minister Juri Ratas is in coalition talks with the far-right, anti-EU EKRE party.

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In Spain the anti-immigrant Vox party stunned observers and drove Socialist’s from office in Andalusia.

French far-right researcher Jean-Yves Camus told AFP identity and immigration are the "motor force" behind the populist vote in Europe.

He said: ”There is a real crisis of representative democracy which is being challenged through direct democracy.”

The researcher outlined how the hardline nationalist Jussi Halla-aho had driven his party in a much more radical direction than his

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