In Syria and Iraq Christians are now close to being wiped out

But it is worth sparing a thought for the millions of people around the world who today are being persecuted because of their faith. This newspaper welcomes the Prime Minister's commitment to take on the persecution of Christians abroad. It is not before time.

It is truly awful that in Syria and Iraq, places where the faith first took root, Christians are now close to being wiped out - either through mass killings or forced exile - simply because of their beliefs.

The Government must also remember people such as Asia Bibi, who faced the death sentence in Pakistan for her Christian faith but was not granted asylum. We seem to give protection to all sorts of people with questionable views, including Islamic hate preachers, but cannot help Christians.

Ministers should also consider how Christians are being treated on these shores. We need to take seriously the concerns of those who believe there is a damaging mixture of government regulation, secularism and prejudice against traditional Christian family values.

In the end, though, we perhaps should remember that Easter Day is about the resurrection of Christ and represents the victory of good over evil.


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