It looks good, it's rapid, it drives reasonably well and offers practicality

mercedesThe new Mercedes AMG GT four-door coupe (Image: Mercedes-Benz)

Of course, Mercedes and AMG are no strangers to more practical performance with the likes of the hotter versions of the CLS and E-Class, but how much you can push that concept is another matter - this GT sets you back a cool £121,350 after all. There's another burning issue in the form of the CLS, Mercedes' other four-door coupe, which also comes with an AMG version, albeit now only a 435bhp V6-engined version in the 53 model. Power aside, though, while the CLS and AMG GT when compared alongside each other are noticeably different, at a casual glance it's easy to see how they could be confused. And being confused with a car that costs you 50 grand less isn't ideal.

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Then again, this AMG GT isn't exactly for shy or retiring types.That wide grille with its dinner plate-sized three-pointed star set between those slim lights gives it an imposing look.

We also love the sleek lines, although the curvaceous rear might not be to everyone's tastes.While the styling helps hide some of the bulk, at almost 16-and-a-half feet long, this is not a small car and it shows. It's also not slow.

AMG's old 6.0-litre engine might be absent, but it's still a twin-turbo 4.0-LITREV8 petrol with an eye-watering 585bhp under your right foot.

With four-wheel drive as standard it's enough to get it from 0 to 60mph in just 3.4 seconds and on to that 193mph top speed. Officially, the average fuel economy is 21.4mpg, but any owners are unlikely to see anything close to that if they utilise any of the GT's performance.

And they're likely to do so too, as it's just too tempting. From the moment you push the starter button and the engine roars into life ahead of you, there's no question that this is a car of temptations.

Even with driving mode set in Comfort, a quick flick of your right foot is enough to have the GT leaping up the road and that performance is dangerously addictive.

In Sport mode those reactions are even more rapid and along with the strong brakes and sharp steering, you can

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