South China Sea: ‘SCARED’ of triggering war with China says President ...

SeaPresident Rodrigo Duterte has accused the US President Donald of being “scared” of China war (Image: GETTY)

President Duterte’s comments follow the Philippines accusing China of trespassing in Scarborough Shoal, also known as Panatag. Mr Duterte warned Beijing’s increased military presence was “endangering” the lives of Filipino fishermen by Thitu Island. He recently called out their ally, the US, for being “scared” to support them in a war with China, Business World reported.

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Mr Duterte said in a speech at Agusan del Norte: ”America was scared. They knew that war about something so small is not worth it.

“Because if they hit us and America decides to help, it could trigger a world war. America knows it. Everybody does.

"If those nuclear bombs, atom bombs, and hydrogen bombs will explode, nothing will be left of this world. We would all be destroyed.

“So America said, both of you should retreat.' Del Rosario, former Foreign Affairs Secretary, ordered our ship to retreat, but China refused to follow. That is why they filed a case.”

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