Theresa May REFUSES to set departure date despite 1922 Committee's demands – ...

The Conservative Party’s influential 1922 Committee Executive met this week and demanded the Prime Minister set a "roadmap" on when she should step down if her Brexit deal is rejected again by MPs. To try to get support for her withdrawal agreement last month, Mrs May told her own MPs she would step down as leader if her deal was passed in the Commons. But the Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee on Wednesday called for Mrs May to “clarify” her future in “other circumstances”.

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Earlier today an ITV reporter asked the Prime Minister: “In light of the 1922 decision last night, will you put a date on our departure?”

Theresa May replied: “Of course, I listen to the party, what many in the party are saying to me and what many of the public are saying to me is actually they want us to focus on delivering Brexit. That is what I am doing.”

The ITV reporter quickly responded, saying: “That’s a no then?”

Mrs May simply repeated that she was “focusing on delivering Brexit”.

She said: “I listen, of course, to my party, but, what I hear from people, and what I hear particularly from people on the doorstep is they want us to get on and deliver Brexit.

Theresa May and Sir Graham BradyBrexit news: Theresa May was asked if she will set a departure date (Image: SKYNEWS•ITV)

What many of the public are saying to me is actually they want us to

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