Ken Clarke BLAMES ERG for Brexit delay on BBC QT - ‘We could have left by now’

BBC Question TimeBBC Question Time: Ken Clarke fully blamed Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ERG for the Brexit delay (Image: BBC Question Time)

The remoaner-in-chief argued the UK “could have left by now” if it wasn’t for the ERG blocking Theresa May’s Brexit deal. Mr Clarke, who is a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, explained he believes the Eurosceptics have delayed the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. He noted Brexiteers refuse to vote for her deal despite getting Mrs May to promise to resign.

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He said: “We could have left by now if it wasn’t for the ERG blocking it.

“Although some of them have changed their minds and got the Prime Minister to promise to resign in exchange for that all the candidates voted for it.

“But their followers didn’t.

“They’re the reason that we’re still in the European Union and not able to get on to all the other negotiations.”

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