Gavin Williamson ‘planning’ bombshell speech likely to trigger Theresa ...

Gavin WilliamsonGavin Williamson: Former defence secretary reportedly thinking of bombshell speech (Image: GETTY)

The former Defence Secretary was sacked this week after Theresa May accused him of leaking highly-sensitive information from the National Security Council. The alleged leak concerned details about the UK’s position on Chinese tech giant Huawei and its role in setting up a UK-wide 5G network. Mr Williamson, who was Mrs May’s chief whip before joining Cabinet, has strenuously denied the accusations.

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Some MPs have called for Mr Williamson to be prosecuted while others believe he should be allowed a chance to defend himself in an official investigation.

However, he is reportedly thinking of delivering a speech like Geoffrey Howe’s resignation speech which sparked Margaret Thatcher’s downfall.

Political editor Nicholas Watt said on BBC Newsnight: “Make no mistake, Gavin Williamson is on the war path.

“I spoke to a friend tonight who said he is thinking of delivering a speech on the level of Geoffrey Howe’s resignation speech which famously precipitated the downfall of Margaret Thatcher.”

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Gavin WilliamsonGavin Williamson has has strenuously denied the accusations (Image: GETTY)

The potential plans echo warnings from political experts who have implied he “knows where the bodies are buried”.

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