Your in-flight meal could be a YEAR old when you eat it - airline reveals ...

Flight meals are like Marmite for some airline passengers. While some love and crave the convenience of dishes been prepared and served straight to their seat, others can’t hack the wrapped bread rolls and meat and sauces served in foil dishes. A handful of passengers instead choose to bring a food haul on board to cater for their hunger pangs during a long or short haul journey. Yet for travellers who have specific dietary requirements, they may not find what they need in the airport, and instead pre-book a meal on board.

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American Airlines has now admitted some such dinners could be prepared a year in advance, with a one year shelf life when frozen.

A spokesperson told the Sun Online: "We recently moved to a new vendor to prepare our special meals in order to ensure that we are consistently delivering meals with the correct ingredients to our customers with specific dietary needs.

"With the volume we serve onboard, using pre-prepared special meals ensures the highest level of accuracy and prevents us from serving customers food they cannot consume."

The initial claims of the lengthy shelf life were reported in publication One Mile At A Time.

They stated for American Airlines passengers: "Diabetic, Asian Vegetarian, Hindu, Muslim, Gluten Free, and Vegan meals will receive standardised and frozen pre-prepared meals, which will have a one year frozen shelf life."

Flights: Some in flight meals could be a year old before being served to passengersFlights: Some

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