#LuciferSeason4 to see Lucifer and Chloe romance resumed amid Eve twist?

Lucifer season four is on its way and viewers have some ideas of what to expect for the next ten episodes.

The final episode of season three saw Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) killing Cain (Tom Welling) - however his beau Chloe Decker (Lauren German) saw the end of this event, and in-turn saw Lucifer’s devil face.

As this was left as a cliffhanger fans didn’t learn exactly how she felt straight away - but they were certain it wouldn’t be good.

And season four is due to address what happened next, but it will not play out as fans will expect.

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Speaking to TV Line Tom explained Chloe’s reaction isn’t something fans get to see - and that’s explained in the premiere of season four.

He explained: “When I first read our first episode, I was like: ‘Oh my gosh, I wonder how people will react to this?'

“I sensed that everyone wants to know exactly what happens in the moment straight after, and we don’t pick it up there.”

Unfortunately for fans, TV Line cut the next part from the interview as it was too spoiler-filled - however he began: “We pick it up a month later, and I’m glad we did that because—”

Tom did offer some extra details for the upcoming season, however, as he went on to assure fans

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