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Spain is a hotspot for bugs as well as Britons this aspiring, with Tiger Mosquitos, native to Southeast Asia, to blame for severe insect bites. The Costa del Sol, particularly the resort of Andalusia, has been greatly affected by the blood-sucking insects with may tourists suffering the painful consequences, yet help is at hand for those heading to the area. Website travelhealthpro.org.uk has offered vital advice detailing just what holidaymakers should pack in their case to avoid getting bitten. It also suggests what action those in Spain, or any other European resort, should take should they get bitten.

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It stated: “Protection from insect and tick bites is best achieved by avoiding infected habitats, together with personal protective measures such as wearing protective clothing, using insect repellent and sleeping under impregnated bed nets.

“Travellers should pack appropriate equipment for their destination; this may include protective clothing, repellents, mosquito nets, fine tipped tweezers and a first aid pack.”

Yet they added further advice should a tourist have already been nipped by a Mosquito, or other bothersome insect.

They added: “Insect bites are relatively common in travellers, usually causing only minor irritation, but they can result in local skin trauma, allergic reactions, secondary skin infections or transmission of infectious disease such as malaria, yellow fever, and Zika.

“Travellers with a high fever of 38 C or more or other worrying symptoms should seek prompt medical advice. Malaria symptoms may occur up to a year after travel.”

Holidays 2019: The Tiger Mosquito has been causing havoc for British holidaymakers in SpainHolidays 2019: The Tiger Mosquito has been causing havoc for British holidaymakers in Spain (Image: Getty)

Such bites from tiger mosquitos on the Costa Del Sol are contributing to the rising number of Brits claiming for skin

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