For one weekend only you can download this HUGE PS4 and Xbox One game for FREE:

PS4 and Xbox One owners have been treated to a midweek free games bonus.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can download and play Ghost Recon Wildlands for free this entire weekend.

The Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend begins at 6pm BST later today on PS4 and Xbox One.

The free trial ends at the same time on Monday, May 6, giving fans the entire weekend to sample the open world shooter.

The entire game will be playable during the free weekend, including the newly released Operation Oracle content.

"Not only will you be able to take a crack at Operation Oracle, you’ll also have access to all the free content that has been released since launch, including new campaign modes; new missions featuring Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell cameos; and new maps, modes, and classes for the dedicated PVP arena, Ghost War," Ubisoft explains.

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