#Cruise ship worker reveals what you MUST do on a cruise - even though you’ll ...

cruise ship health safety muster drill emergency cruises 2019 holidaysCruise: The one thing cruise holidaymakers absolutely have to do attend the muster drill (Image: Getty Images)

Cruise ship holidays are a time for passengers to let their hair down in many ways. But there are still rules that need to be obeyed - especially when it comes to health and safety. Former cruise ship worker Joshua Kinser revealed what everyone has to do at the start of cruises. However, he warns in his book, Chronicles of a Cruise Ship Member, passengers often “hate” it.

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Cruise ship worker reveals what you MUST do on a cruise holiday - even though you’ll hate it

The one thing cruise holidaymakers absolutely have to do, no matter which cruise line they’re with, is attend the muster drill.

No matter how dull you might find it, or how many you have been to on previous cruises, this drill is compulsory.

“It’s no secret that passengers have a special hate/hate relationship with the emergency boat drills that take place at the beginning of each cruise,” said Kinser.

“For most passengers, it only takes one boat drill to become instantly aware that they are something you absolutely dislike.”

Kinser continued: “I fully understand the desire to throw the boat drill over the rails.

“Nothing says care-free holiday like starting it off donning your life jacket so you can listen to an officer tell you what to do if an iceberg slices the hull of the ship wide open like a can

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