Venezuelan opposition leader threatens foreign military INTERVENTION to remove ...

maduro and guaidoJuan Guaido says foreign military intervention could be on the cards to help oust Maduro (Image: GETTY)

On Tuesday, the opposition leader Mr Guaido took to the streets of Venezuela to call for an uprising against Mr Maduro. The call for action failed but Mr Guaido suggested there was more that could be done to remove the current President. Although the opposition leader ultimately wants a “peaceful transition” he has hinted that military action from other countries could be an option.

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Speaking to Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo he said: "I do not rule out a military intervention, because it is entirely clear what the Maduro regime is about.

“But this is a measure of last resort. It is important to first try to facilitate a peaceful transition.”

One of Venezuela’s closest allies, Russia, said it would not interfere following Mr Guaido’s failed coup earlier in the week.

In an official communique the Russian government commented: “The radical opposition in Venezuela has once again turned to violent methods of confrontation.


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