#GameofThrones season 8 LEAK? Fans furious at ‘worst ending ever’ as final ...

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Game of Thrones fans have had a mixed bag of luck during season eight, as it seems like each of the episodes have been leaked in one way or another.

While the first episode dropped online hours before it aired, the second was accidentally made public on Amazon Prime Video in Germany.

Episode three saw some details floating around online in forums, as did episode four.

But now a huge leak has reportedly occurred, and has jettisoned a number of huge plot points from episodes five and six all over Reddit and Twitter - and fans of the show are not happy about the outcome.

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The details of the final two episodes that have reportedly been leaked online go on to reveal who wins in the upcoming battle between Jon Snow (played by Kit Harington) and Cersei Lannisters (Lena Headey).

The leak also goes on to announce how the final episode will finish, who survives, and some shocking last-minute twists.

Fans of the show simply are not happy about how the show is allegedly said to end, and hit out on Twitter and Reddit about the show’s apparent “worst ending ever”.

One enraged viewer wrote: “I don’t believe the #GameOfThrones leaks for the finale. It’s so s**t if it is.”

Another agreed: “Man if the leaks of Ep 5 & 6 of #GameOfThrones are true, it is THE WORST ENDING OF ANY TV SERIES EVER.”

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