Avengers Endgame directors reveal why Captain Marvel only had a CAMEO role ...

She was teased in the post-credits scene of Avengers Infinity War, before debuting in her prequel solo movie Captain Marvel. And while Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has teased that Carol Danvers will take Iron Man’s mantle as head of the MCU going forward, she didn’t exactly play much of a role in Avengers Endgame. So why just the cameo after all that build up? Well, now the directors has spoken out on the matter.

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Speaking with Empire, The Russo Brothers clarified that Avengers Endgame is a finale movie for the original six Avengers.

This makes sense considering it’s their final movie together before Captain Marvel leads the MCU going forwards.

Joe Russo said: “It was a story about the original six.

“That was the focus of the film, to conclude a 10-year saga about those characters. And Carol's a fairly new character.”


captain marvel and iron manAvengers Endgame directors reveal why Captain Marvel only had a CAMEO role (Image: MARVEL)

captain marvel fighting thanosCaptain Marvel was crucial in stopping Thanos snapping the universe out of existence (Image: MARVEL)

Anthony Russo added: “[Captain Marvel] had no depth of relationship with those other

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