This tip can help slash energy bills - could you save money?

Energy bills can be a household’s highest outgoing and something Britons many worry about paying.  In April this year, energy bills increased across the country as the Big Six providers put their prices up. Bill payers could be paying more than they should by sticking with the same providers year after year and switching could save a lot of money.   For those who don’t want to change providers, an expert has revealed some other tricks which can cut the cost of energy bills.

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Changing the lightbulbs in your home to energy efficient LED bulbs can save households £7 a year per bulb.

Richard Longmore

How to slash energy bills

There are a number of smaller changes Britons can make to cut back on how much they spend on monthly bills. 

By making simple changes around the house, bill payers can expect to see their bills go down, according to Richard Longmore, energy expert and Managing Partner at Hoppy.

“Quick interior fixes to reduce these costs include investing in thick insulating curtains, moving bulky furniture away from radiators and covering any floorboards with rugs and carpets,” Richard said.

“If you’re planning to redecorate, think about painting the colder rooms of your home with darker shades - this will absorb the heat and result in a warmer feeling room.

“Additionally, changing the lightbulbs in your home to energy efficient LED bulbs can save households £7 a year per bulb on energy usage.”

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