What is a Marcus bank account? This is how to open the online savings account ...

Many people will have a savings account and the number of online accounts available has been increasing in recent years.  The Marcus by Goldman Sachs is an online savings account which has had a surge of Britons signing up.  The account was launched by the investment bank Goldman Sachs and appeared first in the USA in 2016.  After it launched in the UK, the bank revealed 100,000 people had signed up in just over a month.

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Marcus bank account: How to open Marcus by Goldman Sachs online savings account

What is a Marcus bank account?

On top of having a surge of Britons sign up, the company claim to have taken more than $8 billion, or £6.25 billion, in deposits in the UK in an eight month period, according to Yahoo Finance UK.

The bank offer a simple-to-use high interest savings account that has no hidden fees or charges.

Those who sign up for an account will get an interest rate of 1.5 percent AER (variable).

From this, 0.15 percent is a bonus which is payable for 12 months, and after this time the savings rate reverts to 1.35 percent AER (variable).

Marcus bank account: Couple online savings accountMarcus bank

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