Could Rollo have saved Siggy before her tragic death in #Vikings?

Vikings viewers are hoping to see season six of the epic History show later this year.

Until fans get a definitive date on when it is going to air, they are left discussing the episodes that have already aired - and that goes for the actors as well.

Most recently Rollo star Clive Standen has obviously been thinking about his character’s arcs throughout the show so far.

The actor posted an image of his character on Twitter, alongside one of his former flame’s - Siggy (Jessalyn Gilsig).

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Rollo has had a number of flings with people throughout the show, but it seems Siggy was perhaps a soft spot for the viking warrior.

Unfortunately for Siggy, she didn’t last too long on the show and eventually drowned whilst trying to save Aslaug’s (Alyssa Sutherland) sons.

In the tweet Clive wrote: “If only they both could have realized that he was the rock on which she stood and she was the sea on which he floated. #Siggy #Rollo #Vikings.”

And Clive’s musings didn’t go unnoticed, as actor who played Siggy, Jessalyn, replied to the tweet with her on take on the relationship.

She added: “Awe @CliveStanden they were the best. I have so many amazing memories. Thank you.”

But was Clive reminiscing about his time on the show because his has come to an

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