The plane burst into flames after landing #Travel #aeroflotfire

Russian flight Sukhoi Superjet 100 exploded at Sheremetyevo airport in a tragedy which claimed the lives of 41 passengers, with a new video detailing the horror ordeal. The Aeroflot plane was engulfed in a fireball and made an emergency landing after the blaze on board soon after takeoff from Moscow to the Arctic city of Murmansk. Flames were seen flaring from the rear of the Russian-built aircraft with a reported 78 on board. The new scenes show the moment the fire ignited on May 5.

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It tracks the aircraft’s bouncing landing back onto the runway before a steam of smoke can be spotted coming from the rear.

The craft then proceeded to burst into flames as it stood motionless in the runway.

Heart-wrenching scenes then show a host of passengers sprinting from the flames to safety.

The crash landing was on the aircraft’s second approach for an emergency landing.

An inquest is currently ongoing to determine which pilot landed the plane in the midst of the incident.

Flights: Scenes showing the Russian Aeroflot tragedy has come to lightFlights: Scenes showing the Russian Aeroflot tragedy has come to light (Image: Twitter)

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