TWO passengers die on same #RoyalCaribbean #cruise ship during four-day holiday

cruise ship royal caribbean cruises death voyager of the seas news latestCruise: The two holidaymakers - one 75-years-old and the other 61-years-old died of natural causes (Image: Getty Images)

Royal Caribbean cruise ship Voyager of the Seas saw two passengers die on board this week. The two holidaymakers - one 75-years-old and the other 61-years-old - had embarked on a four-day cruise from Singapore on Monday. Both were from Singapore and believed to have died from natural causes during the short trip. Royal Caribbean have extended their condolences to the families of the two passengers.

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Cruise: Royal Caribbean cruise ship has TWO passengers deaths during four-day trip

It is not known on which precise days the two travellers died but their deaths are said to be unrelated.

A Royal Caribbean spokeswoman told “We extend our most sincere condolences to the families of the 75-year-old and 61-year-old guests from Singapore who both died of unrelated natural causes while onboard Voyager of the Seas.

“As per our standard procedure, we have informed the respective families and we are providing them assistance during this difficult time."

Voyager of the Seas was scheduled for a four-day cruise to Penang, in Malaysia.

It arrived at the Malaysian destination on Tuesday before setting off and docking at

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