#TheOneShow George Clooney scolds Matt Baker after Catch 22 blunder

The One Show was presented by Angellica Bell and Matt Baker this evening and saw George Clooney take to the sofa with a handful of his Catch 22 co-stars. 

Alongside George, Kyle Chandler, Christopher Abbott and Grant Heslov were also in the studio discussing their upcoming satirical miniseries based on the novel of the same name. 

Speaking about the decision to produce a miniseries as opposed to a film, Matt remarked: “What is fascinating about this is, it’s a TV series. You would think from all the clips that it would be a movie but you’ve got four episodes.” 

But before Matt could continue asking his question, Angellica interrupted Matt to inform him that there are actually six episodes in the series. 

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Realising his mistake, Matt apologised before George jumped in to light-heartedly make fun of the blunder and exclaimed: “Come on man!” 

In an attempt to justify his error, the presenter said: I’ve seen the first one but that’s as much as we’ve seen of it,” before continuing on with the interview. 

“Not to squeeze it into two hours must have been a bit of a relief and actually helpful as far as the novel is concerned,” he added. 

Agreeing, George explained: “Well the novel has a lot of characters in it so when the movie came out in 1970 you had to condense a lot of characters. 

“So its’s better that you can spend time with them before you kill them it’s good to know people a little bit before you knock them off, it seems fair. 

“But in general, this format was really perfect for us to be able to tell this

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