A 'rare' Benjamin Bunny 50p coin dividing experts is selling for £2500 - why?

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The bidding site, eBay, has a whole host of treasures and commemorative coins put up for sale.  A Beatrix Potter Benjamin Bunny 50p coin has been uploaded with an asking price much greater than face value.  The seller, “iam-dme-giuk69” put the fifty pence piece on sale with the huge starting price of £1500.  The coin was also given a Buy It Now price of £2500 and it was described as rare, but this may not be the case.

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As well as a huge starting price for bids, the seller believed it to be worth much more and asked for £2500 from anyone hoping to buy it outright.

Along with one picture of the coin, the seller wrote: “RARE Benjamin Bunny 50p Coin” and revealed it was released in 2017.

On top of the whopping asking price, anyone hoping to buy the coin will be charged £1.50 to have it delivered by First Class Large Letter.

Beatrix Potter commemorative coins were first released in 2016 to mark the anniversary of the author’s birth, and new ones have been released each year since.

Although the coin may be interesting to many people, it is not necessarily worth as much as the asking

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