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Piers Morgan challenged the Labour frontbencher to clarify her party's position on Brexit, demanding to know whether they are now a pro-Brexit or pre-Remain party. But when Emily Thornberry failed to respond, insisting Labour is a "democratic party," the Good Morning Britain host laid into her for trying to dodge the question: "That doesn’t answer my question. It’s a very long answer but it doesn’t actually answer the question." Mr Morgan then proceeded to point out other parties had come out with a clear message to explain their Brexit position.

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He continued: "Farage’s is ‘democracy is being thwarted,’ and he is pro-Brexit.  Liberal Democrats are saying the opposite, ‘we must now remain.’

"Labour is stuck in the middle. The reason I’m pressing you is no one is quite sure what Labour stands for."

Mr Morgan insisted British voters had chosen to leave and demanded British parties deliver on their vote, pointing out the ballot paper at the 2016 referendum did not contain any reference to a withdrawal agreement with the European Union.

After Ms Thornberry hit back asking: "When people voted to leave, do you think they voted to leave and lose their job?"

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Brexit news - Piers Morgan Emily ThornberryBrexit news: Morgan demanded Thornberry clarify her party's position on leaving the EU (Image: ITVGood Morning Britain)

But the questions caused Mr Morgan to snap: "I think what they are actually fed up with is a lot of politicians making what appear to be extremely definitive predictions about what’s going to happen."

The Labour frontbencher defended her party's position, insisting the leadership had worked to deliver on a satisfactory deal by working alongside Theresa May for two months to reach an agreement before talks collapsed last week.

Ms Thornberry said: "I campaigned to remain with all my heart and we lost and we got up the next morning and I remember saying, ‘we’re going to have to accept

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