initiates DOUBLE attack on China and Iran in BOLD move - 'We'll raise the ...

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World war 3: Trump administration sanction Chinese weapon supplierWorld war 3: administration sanction Chinese weapon supplier (Image: GETTY)

US officials announced the sanction of Karl Lee on Wednesday following his supply of illegal weapons to Iran. Otherwise known as Liu Fangwei, Lee had been supplying Iran with “everything from highly-accurate guidance and control components to the raw ingredients needed to produce missile propellant” an administration spokesperson told Newsweek. Although the US has consistently warned China over its apparent lack of action against Lee, Beijing has so far failed to stop the weapon merchant.

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One official told Newsweek: “This is an initial shot

“China is going to have a choice.

“They can stop him.

"Or they can turn him over to us, or we will continue to raise the cost to them, both in terms of political and diplomatic pain and economic pain.”

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World war 3: China and the US have been locked in a trade warWorld war 3: China and the US have been locked in a trade

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