#FearTWD Dwight's past to catch up with him in huge twist?

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Fans of The Walking Dead will remember Dwight (played by Austin Amelio), who was last seen in season eight of the show, was sent away from the community by Daryl Dixom (Norman Reedus).

Now, the bad guy is set to return to AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead in a big crossover.

He will join Morgan Jones (Lennie James), who made the same jump from the main show to the spinoff and their worlds are set to collide in season five.

Details about Dwight’s return have been kept quiet since his announcement, but showrunners Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss have teased what could be in store for Dwight.

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He is someone who did a lot of bad things

Ian Goldberg

Ian told Entertainment Weekly: “We love Dwight. We love Austin Amelio. We’re huge fans of his character and his work on The Walking Dead.

“When we started to talk about bringing Dwight over, it started in the same place for us emotionally as when we were talking last season about Morgan, and that is: Emotionally, what’s the story we’re telling on a bigger scale this season.”

He also went on to discuss what could be in store for Dwight, alongside the other characters in season five: “This season is going to be about our characters grappling with the things they’ve done in their past and looking for redemption through the things they’re doing now, and for anyone who knows Dwight’s story on The Walking Dead, he is someone who did a lot of bad things over his time as a Savior.

“He hurt a lot of people, he did a lot of things he regrets, but he was given a second chance by Daryl at the end of season eight when Daryl

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