Guess which iconic Star Wars villain is set to RETURN alongside Darth Maul in ...

Last year, Solo broke Disney’s $1 billion runs of their Star Wars movies. The spin-off, which had been through extensive and expensive reshoots was a huge flop, making just $392 million worldwide. Nevertheless, the Han Solo prequel has its fans, some of whom have launched a social media campaign called #MakeSolo2Happen. Certainly, it’s not like Disney weren’t setting up a sequel, with title star Alden Ehrenreich signed up for a trilogy.

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Solo ended with the big twist that the real villain behind Crimson Dawn was actually Darth Maul, who’s not been seen in live-action since 1999’s The Phantom Menace.

Han didn’t get to face him, so no doubt he was being set up as the villain of what was hoped to be a Solo trilogy.

Meanwhile, the film ended with Han and Chewie setting off for Tatooine where a crime lord was putting together a job.

Who else could that be other than Jabba the Hutt himself? Well now in response to the #MakeSolo2Happen campaign, Solo

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