Avengers Endgame star Tilda Swinton reveals reshoots CHANGED time travel rules

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If you found Avengers Endgame’s time travel a bit of a head-scratcher you weren’t the only one. The Marvel epic went out of its way to be closer to the real-life theory of travelling to the past, rather than the sci-fi tropes we’re used to in movies like Back to the Future. However, it now turns out the time travel rules were changed during the reshoots.

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Speaking with IndieWire, Ancient One star Swinton revealed that her reshoots added an important time travel explanation.

On returning as her character, who died in Doctor Strange, for a scene in 2012 New York, she said: “It was a surprise to me, too!

“And it was a pleasure. But what was a real surprise was, we shot it one summer day, and then over a year later, I went back to reshoot it because a couple of lines had been changed.

“A couple of plot points had been changed and there was a tweaking of my costume.”

ancient oneAvengers Endgame star Tilda Swinton reveals reshoots CHANGED time travel rules (Image: MARVEL)

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