Does Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine cameo in X-Men Dark Phoenix? #HughJackman ...

The new X-Men movie follows X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse. Fans of the franchise will remember that Jackman’s Wolverine featured in all of these movies; starring in middle one and cameoing in the other two. Chronologically, Jackman’s Wolverine was last seen escaping the Weapon X facility in 1983, after a brief first meeting with Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey. Now X-Men: Dark Phoenix is set in 1992 and he would certainly have been around at this point in the altered timeline but is Logan in the movie?

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Sadly, Wolverine does not appear in X-Men: Dark Phoenix and isn’t even hinted at.

Fans will remember that Wolverine doesn’t join the X-Men until the first movie of the same name, set in 2003.

Although Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix are set in the new timeline created by Wolverine in Days of Future Past, it’s presumed he still joins the X-Men around that time.

But there’s also a couple of other reasons Wolverine didn’t cameo in Dark Phoenix.


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