X-Men Dark Phoenix ending EXPLAINED: How the conclusion honours X-Men Days of ...

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WARNING SPOILERS FOR X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX AHEAD. The new X-Men movie’s thrilling third act saw Jean Grey confront Jessica Chastain’s Vuk. Jean realised that if she destroyed the alien she would also take the lives of others dear to her. However, the Phoenix took Vuk up into outer space and destroyed her by sacrificing herself.

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In the aftermath, Cyclops is seen by the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters sign, which has been renamed after Jean.

We then see Professor X and Magneto playing chess together, “for old time’s sake”, before the camera pans way out exposing the blue sky.

And just before the screen turns to black and the credits roll, the faintest outline of an orange enflamed figure is seen re-entering the atmosphere.

For certain, this is Jean’s Phoenix who has risen from the ashes of death.

dark phoenix and days of future past postersX-Men Dark Phoenix ending EXPLAINED: How the conclusion honours X-Men Days of Future Past (Image: FOX)

flaming jeanJean Grey appeared to be in this Phoenix form in the last shot of the movie (Image: FOX)

X-Men fans should be satisfied with this ending, as it honours the

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