Curtis Pritchard's brother AJ Pritchard speaks out on #LoveIsland star's ...

Love Island 2019 contestant Curtis Pritchard, 23, revealed his favourite sex position is the ‘eagle’ during a game with his fellow islanders. But his admission sparked a frenzy on Twitter, as many viewers, including AJ Pritchard, admitted they didn’t know what the position was. Taking to Twitter today, AJ reacted to his brother’s raunchy revelation in view of his 102,000 followers. He commented: “The question I have woke up asking myself is, ‘What the hell is the Eagle Position.

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What the hell is the Eagle Position?

AJ Pritchard

“@CurtisPritchard #WhatisEagleposition #loveisland @loveisland #addicted.”

AJ’s remark prompted many of his fans and viewers of the show to flock to comment on his post.

One user wrote: “Clearly you need to ask your brother this question.”

A second commented: “Nobody seems to know!”

A third cheekily added: “It’s where you land on a woman and... oh never mind.”

Curtis’ revelation prompted the ‘eagle’ position to be the most searched sex position on Google last night, according to Love Island’s official Twitter account.

What is the eagle position?

Curtis Pritchard: Love Island star’s brother AJ Pritchard reacted to his raunchy admissionCurtis Pritchard: Love Island star’s brother AJ Pritchard reacted to his raunchy admission (Image:

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