Tory leadership: Boris Johnson set for mammoth 140-seat majority, shock poll ...

boris johnsonBoris Johnson could secure a 140-seat majority in the Commons if a poll is correct (Image: GETTY)

Mr Johnson’s campaign is set to launch on Wednesday, with the former Foreign Minister expected to keep up his warning of “delay means Corbyn”. The poll which quizzed 2000 voters, found 27 percent felt Mr Johnson had what it took to be a good Prime Minister. It anticipated that if a general election were to take place with Mr Johnson at the helm, the Tories would secure 395 seats, Labour would get 151, a drop of 111 seats, and the Liberal Democrats would get 26.

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The Brexit Party would win no seats.

At the last general election, Theresa May secured 317 seats, needing the 8 DUP seats to back the party in a confidence and supply agreement to hold on to power.

Dominic Raab would also nab the Conservatives the largest number of seats in a general election as party leader with 269, but they would be 57 short of a majority.

Meanwhile, the poll would make uneasy reading for International Development Secretary Rory Stewart who is forecast to win just 51 seats as Tory leader, with the Brexit Party cleaning up 252 seats, 74 short of a majority.

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BORIS JOHNSONMr Johnson is seeking to replace the outgoing Theresa May (Image: GETTY)

The poll found that just 55 percent of Tory voters from 2017 planned on voting for them at a general election but under Mr Johnson this would increase to 68 percent.

Mr Stewart, Sajid Javid and Michael Gove would lose half of that vote.

Mr Raab would also see a small rise up to 56 percent.

Martin Baxter of Electoral Calculus says Mr Johnson would be aided by the party being divided: "With public opinion so divided, a party only needs around 30 per cent support to get a majority at Westminster.”

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