#BlackMirror: What #StrikingVipers gets wrong about VR

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Black Mirror episodes like Striking Vipers, which was released on last week, often deal with the impact of (VR) technology on our lives. Striking Vipers makes a number of predictions about VR, some of which it gets wrong according to a number of VR experts. The series, for example, is very optimistic about how close we are to some VR developments taking place.

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What Striking Vipers gets wrong about VR

One of the biggest errors Black Mirror makes about VR is how much progress we are making in the field.

Kevin Joyce, Lead Evangelist at Admix and editor of VRFocus magazine said of Striking Vipers: “Technically, in an extremely far-flung future, the interpretation of the possibilities of VR in the episode Striking Vipers is entirely feasible.

“That said, there is nothing even remotely like this technology currently in existence, and even thinking about the possibility of it happening in the near future would be similar to suggesting that the technology to explore space in a similar to Star Trek is only a decade away.”

In Striking Vipers, Danny (played by Anthony Mackie) accesses the VR via a small round nodule that he sticks to his head, giving him the full visual and physical sensation of the game.


still from striking vipersThe VR technology in Black Mirror: Striking Vipers is still many years away according to experts (Image: )

This is what allows him and Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) to engage in a sexual relationship within the game.

However, one VR expert questions whether that will ever be possible.

Marco Delvai, XR Partnership Director at UNIT9, said: “Striking Vipers is a prescient take on VR’s unquestionable (and ever-improving) ability immerse

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