Star Wars fan survey claims ‘The Last Jedi haters more likely to be SEXIST ...

When The Last Jedi opened in cinemas back in Christmas 2017, Star Wars: Episode VIII divided the fandom. The critics and some fans hailed the movie, while a large group “disowned” the movie as terrible and demanded a remake. While criticism varied from plot points and character development to the film allegedly pandering to feminism, a social science study claims that The Last Jedi haters are more likely to be politically conservative, sexist and un-PC. Social scientist Mark H White II surveyed 5000 Star Wars fans, breaking them down into Prequel Sceptics (love Star Wars, but rate Episodes I-III lower), Saga Lovers (love all the movies) and The Last Jedi Disowners (rate Episode VIII very poorly).

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On his findings, White wrote: “The Last Jedi (disowners) tended to score higher on sexism.

“Though, as you can see, not everyone who hates The Last Jedi is sexist.

“This demonstrates some empirical evidence that sexism plays a role in attitudes toward The Last Jedi.'

The social scientist also found that The Last Jedi Disowners tended to be politically more conservative with negative feelings towards political correctness’ impact on society.


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