#FearTheWalkingDead Dwight star laughed at his crossover for this reason

Fans of Fear the Walking Dead were wondering when and how Dwight would be seen in this world after crossing over from The Walking Dead and this week’s episode revealed it.

He was discovered by John Dorie (played by Garret Dillahunt) and June (Jenna Elfman) in a Wild West theme town called Humbug’s Gulch in the AMC episode.

It was soon revealed he has been on the hunt for his wife Sherry ever since leaving The Walking Dead world and John and June promised to help him find her.

This was just after he was nearly involved in what could have been a deadly gunfight.

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I was like, wouldn't that be funny if Dwight went to ["Fear"]

Austin Amelio

Now, actor Austin has revealed how he ended up on the show and how it was totally unexpected in an interview with Insider.

He was asked if he ever thought he would crossover and he replied: “No, but I do have a funny story. I heard that Fear The Walking Dead was going to Texas and I was joking around with Scott [Gimple] maybe a couple months before. I was like, wouldn't that be funny if Dwight went to ["Fear"].

“You know, I'm from here so I was trying to get back down.

“I was like wouldn't it be funny if Dwight crossed over? And we both laughed about it. Then all of a sudden, two episodes before we wrap up the season [of The Walking Dead], I got a call from him saying, ‘Hey, how do you feel about, you know, going down to Texas and doing Fear?’

“So, I don't know if that seed... He probably forgot about that to be honest. I think it just made sense for my character to go down there because of the storyline.”

He is out to find his wife Sherry in this

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