MH370 bombshell: 'Lonely' pilot PLANNED fatal crash in home simulator report ...

MH370 news: Pilot planned fatal crashMH370 news: Pilot planned fatal crash (Image: GETTY/)

The captain, Zaharie Ahmad Shah of the Malaysia Airlines jet, which disappeared five years ago experimented with a flight similar to that of MH370 before the fatal crash a report by US aviation writer William Langewiesche has claimed. The report from US magazine, The Atlantic, reports that an FBI examination has shown that he tried to simulate with a flight profile very similar to that of MH370. While investigating the flight simulator, Dr Victor Iannello revealed that of all the flight simulations the pilot ran, the one closest to MH370 was not a continuous flight.

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Every other experiment involved Mr Zaharie taking off with the aeroplane and landing.

However, with the plane profile that matched MH370, the captain continually jumped forward before releasing some fuel until it was all used up.

Dr Iannello believes that the near identical simulation was the captain’s way of replicating his fatal crash.

Speaking of the crash he said: “It’s as if he was simulating a simulation.”

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