Morbidly obese dad loses 13 stone after ditching lunchtime KFC buckets and ...

A MORBIDLY obese dad has chalked up a 13st weight loss to going vegan.

Mark Henderson, 46, would guzzle a family bucket of KFC for his lunch and eat up to 10,000 calories a day.

The 32st IT technician was too fat to squeeze under desks to plug in wires.

His junk food addiction saw him balloon to a size XXXXXL.

At his heaviest, he could not even read his four children bedtime stories because he would have broken their beds.



OBESE: Mark Henderson would eat up to 10, 000 calories a day (Pic: Caters )

And his 11-year-old son Thomas had to tie his shoelaces for him.

But life changed when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic with sleep apnoea, psoriasis and an abnormal heart rate, all triggered by his morbid obesity.

He decided a plant-based diet was his only hope and he ditched all animal products.


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