Mass evacuation from ‘war zone’ city as apocalyptic explosion sees locals ...

Mushroom cloud from explosionKazakhstan explosion: Mass evacuation from ‘war zone’ city after ’toxic’ blast (Image: EAST2WEST)

Videos show people on foot running out of the city of Arys in the Turkestan region. Others used cars to escape the "toxic" smoke and further explosions. Residents are heard screaming in fear as a fireball and smoke engulfed the town in southern Kazakhstan.

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The authorities carried out mass evacuations in Arys in the Turkestan region, which has a population of around 60,000.

There were traffic jams to exit the town after the spectacular explosion which shook homes and “huge” fire.

"There was a fire that caused explosions of the ammunition,” said the Kazakh Ministry of Defence.

“So far no victims and injuries are reported.”

Kazakhstan explosion mushroom cloudA mushroom cloud from the explosion is seen across the city (Image: EAST2WEST)

However, checks were being made on casualties.

More than 50

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