Sajid Javid eyes new regional migrant rules for skilled workers after Brexit

javidHome secretary Sajid Javid has raised the idea of introducing post-Brexit regional migrant rules (Image: Getty)

Mr Javid, who last week was knocked out of the race for No10, has written to the Home Office’s migration advisory committee asking them to look into the idea. Varying rules for EU workers, depending on which part of the country they live, are expected to be popular with the Scottish government who are demanding power over their own work visa system. The SNP has in the past warned Scotland could see its number of EU workers drop by 85 percent if the Tory government pushes through plans to usher in a post-Brexit salary cap. 

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The current minimum wage threshold for EU workers stands at £30,000. 

Critics have slammed the idea of maintaining the benchmark as the pay of junior doctors, paramedics and chefs is lower. 

In a letter to the Government’s migrant advisors, Mr Javid said: “It’s vital the new immigration system continues to attract talented people to grow our economy and support business while controlling our borders. 

“These proposals are the biggest change to our immigration system in a generation, so it’s right that we consider all of the evidence before finalising them.

javidMr Javid said it

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