BBC host savages SNP scheming for independence – 'NOT respecting the will of ...

BBC’S NEWSNIGHT host Emma Barnett quickly tore into an SNP hoping to overturn the Brexit vote and push for Scottish independence.

PUBLISHED: 13:37, Wed, Jun 26, 2019 | UPDATED: 13:37, Wed, Jun 26, 2019

BBC’s Emma Barnett savaged SNP Philippa Whitford for respecting the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum but refusing to abide by the will of the people regarding the 2016 Brexit decision. Dr Whitford argued that Scotland’s majority voted to Remain, like Northern Ireland, and should have subsequently been granted a special relationship to appease the nations. The Newsnight host hinted that SNPs hoping for Scottish Independence may be secretly supporting Boris Johnson as he may allow SNPs to push for Independence once more.

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The SNP said: “It might seem like Boris Johnson is a gift to us but we like to take a wider view.

“It is like the comments that are made that we are revelling in Brexit and a no deal Brexit because it will hasten Scottish independence.

“You know we are not planting charges across the Solway fault and sailing off into the Atlantic.

“We will still be here in the British Isles and Boris Johnson will affect us and a no deal Brexit will affect us.

“In actual fact, the SNPs and the Scottish government have relentlessly to try and stop Brexit.”

Emma Barnett and Philippa WhitfordEmma Barnett took aim at Philippa

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