'Danger to the UK!' Lib-Dem leadership hopefuls refuse to work with 'Brexiteer' ...

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT leadership hopefuls Ed Davey and Jo Swinson both agreed that regardless of how the political landscape changes in the next few months they would refuse to work with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

PUBLISHED: 14:18, Mon, Jul 1, 2019 | UPDATED: 14:18, Mon, Jul 1, 2019

Both Lib-Democrat potential leaders admitted that they would never form a coalition with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party. Jo Swinson and Ed Davey noted that they both didn’t feel they could trust the party leader and were wary of his Brexit position in addition to his overall attitude regarding leadership. During a Sky News debate, Tamara Cohen read out a question directed at the pair.

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The question read: “The polls indicate Labour will be the largest party after the next election but with no overall majority. Will you join a Labour/Lib-Dem coalition government with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister?”

Mrs Swinson sharply replied: “No, Jeremy Corbyn absolutely not.

“He is a Brexiteer and he is a danger to our country.

“The Corbyn-led Labour, there is a reason why lots of former Labour voters, members and indeed MPs are leaving the Labour party.

Jo Swinson Jeremy Corbyn and Ed DaveyJo Swinson and Ed Davey admitted that neither of them would be prepared to work with Corbyn's Labour (Image: Sky News)

Jo Swinson and Ed DaveyJo Swinson insisted Corbyn was a danger to the UK while Ed Davey claimed he was far-left (Image: Sky News)

“They know that Labour no longer stands up for the values of equality or pro-Europeanism”

The Sky News host Adam Boulton then argued back that surely the two parties should form a coalition

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