#DesignatedSurvivor60Days on cast: Who is in the cast?

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will air the first episode of Designated Survivor: 60 Days, the Korean spin-off of the Kiefer Sutherland series. Jin Hee Ji leads the Designated Survivor: 60 Days cast as Park Moo Jin, who becomes South Korean president after a terrorist incident. The Designated Survivor: 60 Days cast on also includes Lee Joon Hyuk, Heo Joon Ho and Kang Han Na.

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Who is in the cast of Designated Survivor 60 Days?

Park Moo Jin - Jin Hee Ji

Park Moo Jin is an unambitious Minister of Environment who is promoted to the role of president after a terrorist attack wipes out most of the government.

He is played by Jin Hee Ji, star of series like Misty, Second to Last Love and I Have a Lover.

Oh Young Suk - Lee Joon Hyuk

Oh Young Suk is described by as: “An independent lawmaker [who] comes off as a stark contrast to Park.”

Lee Joon Hyuk appears as the character after starring in acclaimed series Stranger.


jin hee ji designated survivor 60 daysJin Hee Ji leads the Designated Survivor: 60 Days cast (Image: )

park moo jin designated survivor 60 days castJin Hee Ji plays acting president Park Moo Jin in Designated Survivor 60 Days (Image: )

Han Joo Seung - Hae Joon Ho

Han Joo Seung is the chief presidential secretary who helps Moo Jin navigate his new job.

He is portrayed by Hae Joon Ho, known to viewers from his role in period

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