#Emmerdale star Leah Bracknell opens up on 'hopeless future' in defiant post ...

Leah Bracknell, 54, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2016. Last year, the former Emmerdale actress embarked on new experimental treatment to combat the cancer. In her latest post on her blog, Something Beginning With C, she spoke out about the experience of being told in the past there was nothing more doctors could do to help her. “On more than one occasion I have faced the fact that conventional medicine has ‘nothing left to offer’,” she wrote. “Until a glimmer of hope was thrown into the ring last year with a trial placement.

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“That notwithstanding, and in the face of a hope-less future, I realised that what I did have, and probably always have had, was me,” Leah said.

“My mind, my spirit, and a willingness, or rather – no choice, than to turn away from the fear that was enveloping me, and embrace the mystery, to welcome the medicine that lies beyond the parameters of traditional thinking which requires material proof.

“This medicine is within us all,” she continued. “It is the medicine of magical thinking, of thinking outside the box, it is our unique superpower where lies a seed of potential for making the impossible possible.”

The star went on to say she had felt “more empowered by adopting a more proactive response”.

“One that has meant that this journey has become more than something merely to be feared and dreaded and endured, but a challenge that has evolved into an opportunity to learn and grow, to delve deeper into the sacred realms of life, to test my resolve, my personal power, to immerse myself in life, to acknowledge when it hurts, and my ability to get back on the horse again and again and again.”

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