Shock as enemy officials claim to know the man REALLY running US war game

iran latestOfficials in Tehran and Caracas believe to know the man behind Donald 's hawkish policies (Image: GETTY)

Indeed the foreign minister in Tehran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has referred to Bolton and the leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as the “B-Team”. Mr Zarif hit back at Mr Bolton and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu of being responsible for killing the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. In a furious tweet, Mr Zarif told followers: “#B_Team hasn't learned. BUT THE WORLD SHOULD.”

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As reported by Newsweek, Mr Bolton has responded by continuing a war of words he started on Twitter with the regimes in Iran and Venezuela by saying: "My thanks to FM Zarif for the kind words. Someday, I'll explain to him how to end a bad deal."

The administration pulled out of the nuclear deal last year, in spite of opposition from the other signatories and Iran has begun enriching uranium at higher levels than allowed by the agreement, though the current rate of 5 percent is below the 90 percent required for nuclear weapons which Tehran denies seeking.

seeks renegotiation between Washington and Tehran, yet Mr Zarif on Monday tweeted: "There's a way out, but not with #B_Team in charge."

Mr Bolton has also got the Venezuelan regime in his sights, the once oil-rich nation has been accused of gross human rights violation amid poor economic results, he attacked some cabinet members of President Nicolas Maduro: "Why do you support a tyrant whose inability to govern is visible for all to see?"

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