How Ivanka ’s mother ‘threatened to put her up for adoption’

Dubbed the First Daughter due to her unusually high position in her father Donald ’s administration, Ivanka has been vying for his approval her whole life. However, she reportedly “had her moments” as a teenager that pushed her mother to make a shocking threat of being put up for adoption. In an interview with Marie Clare in 2007, she said: “I think my mum threatened to put me up for adoption a few times.”

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Her mother Ivana married the now-US President in 1977 and had three children: Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric.

However, the couple divorced in 1992 amid reports of Mr ’s affair with a woman called Marla Maples.

He married Ms Maples in 1993 and had a daughter, Tiffany, with her.

Their marriage did not last however and they divorced in 1999.

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ivanka trump ivana trumpIvana allegedly threatened to put Ivanka up for adoption (Image: GETTY)

ivanka trump donald trump jnrIvana, Ivanka and Donald Jnr (Image: GETTY)

Finally, Mr met his present wife Melania Knauss and married her in 2005 and the pair had a son, Barron.

Ivanka reportedly found the break-up of her parents’ marriage very difficult.

According to the 2019 book ‘Kushner Inc’, Ivanka asked her mother: “Does it mean I’m not going to be Ivanka anymore?”.

She would do everything she could to stay

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