THIS new optical illusion has got people questioning their eyes - what can you ...

A mind-blowing optical illusion has got people questioning their own eyes. The picture, which was created by David Novice, a computer and information science engineer, has gone viral on Twitter as people are confused by what they can see.The image shows 12 circles with multi-coloured horizontal stripes. At first glance, the circles appear red, purple and green. However, when focusing the 12 circles are actually all the same light brown colour.Sharing the image, David Novice wrote: “A three-color confetti illusion with spheres, which appear to be yellowish, reddish, and purpleish but in fact have exactly the same light-brown base color.”

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Optical illusions: This mind-blowing picture has gone viral

He also added that shrinking the image would result in an increase in the effect, making it harder for viewers to see the true colour of the circles.

Users of the social media site flocked to comment on the image, as they expressed their confusion.

“This is fantastic. I truly cannot believe my eyes,” one wrote.

“This is great...our brains are incredible! I couldn't quite believe it, so I made this little gif to help,” another said.

“Awesome,” another said.

Optical illusionsOptical illusions: An image of circles has got the internet questioning their eyes (Image: Getty Images)

Dumbfounded, others asked for David to explain why the brown circles appeared differently when first looking, to which he responded: “As explained by @generuso, Munker-Wihite and similar

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