UK weather: Chart turns black as Britain braces for scorching heat to hit next ...

Temperatures across the UK can expect a slight increase on Tuesday as both the south and north will surpass 20C. However, these temperatures are expected to fall quickly on Wednesday as BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor claimed the dry weather will give way to a low-pressure wet weather front moving in from the west. This weather front will move through Northern Ireland and Scotland late on Wednesday, before moving further south to bring rainfall for England and Wales by Friday.

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According to WxCharts, the wet weather will cause a slight drop in temperatures across the country. 

The chart then shows temperatures in the UK increasing through the weekend as warm weather moves in.

Going into next week the south of England will likely see the hottest temperatures first before warm air from Europe moves further north across the UK.

Into the middle of next week the charts dark red colours, indicating hot weather, begins to turn black resulting in temperatures likely just shy of 30C.

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Weather BBC Met OfficeAfter a slight fall in heat temperatures are set to sky rocket next week (Image: WXCHART)

BBC WeatherTemperatures in London will likely be over 25 degrees with a chance of temperatures as high as 28C (Image: bbc)

Towards the end of next week, the chart shows a new colder weather front from the southwest is expected to push the warm air further

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