Sir Jackie Stewart has spoken out on his wife’s heartbreaking dementia battle

Sir Jackie Stewart, 80, said his wife of 57 years, Lady Helen, 77, has round-the-clock care after being diagnosed five years ago with dementia.

As well as losing her memory, the Formula One legend’s spouse also has walking difficulties.

The driver, who won the Formula One World Championship in 1969, 171 and 1973, said she can still remember his huge wins for now, but struggles with what happened just the other day.

Speaking at the launch of his new fundraising event for dementia, Sir Jackie said: “Yes, she still remembers my world championships as right now her long-term memory is better than her short-term memory.

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At times her memory has all but disappeared

Sir Jackie Stewart

“But at times her memory has all but disappeared.”

He continued: “She had a wonderful day at Silverstone ahead of the British GP on Friday, meeting all sorts of fancy folk, then she couldn’t remember it by Saturday.”

Sir Jackie described his wife as a “fantastic woman” who helped him out during his racing days.

“We’ve been married for 57 years,” he spilled. “She’s a fantastic woman, did all my time keeping and everything else, a really bright brain, and suddenly she gets dementia and she has no memory at all, hardly.”

He went on: “[She finds it] very difficult to walk and has to have help all of the time, so I don’t know why [it’s not had the attention that other diseases have had] but I suppose some people are saying it’s all because they’re getting old.”

Sir Jackie Stewart spoke at Larval race circuit in Lanarkshire to launch Race

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