Queen's passion for imitating world leaders revealed – 'She has Royal Family ...

The Queen has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of world leaders in her 66 years on the throne. During this time the monarch is reported to have developed the ability to "imitate" some of the politicians she has hosted. Royal author Phil Dampier claimed the Queen has been using her penchant for mimicry to entertain the Royal Family during Christmas gatherings. 

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Speaking to Yahoo's The Royal Box, Mr Dampier said: "She does charades at Christmas, she loves doing that.

"She stands up, she imitates leaders she has met like Boris Yeltsin or Bill Clinton. Apparently, she is brilliant at them."

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter backed the claim as she said the Queen has long been a passionate actress – a love she developed while she was evacuated to Windsor during World War II with her younger sister Princess Margaret.

Ms Arbiter said: "She was quite an actress in her early years. When they were sequestered at Windsor Castle during the war, she and Princess Margaret used to put on pantomimes.

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Queen Elizabeth II fun factThe Queen has reportedly great mimicking skills (Image: GETTY)

Queen Elizabeth single shotThe Queen has met hundreds of world leaders during her long reign (Image: GETTY)

She has them in stitches at Christmas

Victoria Arbiter

"Prince Philip went to see their version of Aladdin when he was back from leave from the Navy.

"She loves musicals, she loves acting – Oklahoma is one of her favourite musicals – and she is a very good mimic. She has them in stitches at Christmas."

Royal expert Ingrid Seward had previously claimed the monarch had developed a keen ear to copy accents and had specialised in speaking with a

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