The EASIEST country in the world to escape to in #WW3 nuclear conflict #ww3 ...

World War Three worries have escalated today after Iran was branded a “threat to mankind” amid rocketing tensions with the US. has previously reported how the bad relations between the states have sparked fears of nuclear conflict and a consequent WW3, with the best country with bunkers to escape to then revealed. After Iran appeared to break the nuclear deal agreed to in 2015 the fear is all the more evident, with Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s stark comments over the country's threat when armed adding to the uneasy feeling. Yet the “easiest” country for Britons to escape to, if warfare should quickly arise, has now come to light.

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Website has stated how Denmark is the best bet for UK residents looking to uproot.

It said: “Here’s the thing about Denmark: it’s got some good connections that could keep it safe in the event of a war, but it also owns Greenland, which is totally neutral.

“Easy escape plus all the leisure of home! Here’s the very best part: Denmark is considered one of the most socially advanced countries in the world.

“It ranks high in important measures like education and standard of living, plus it has very little income inequality.

“If you’re thinking your stay would be long-term, you can do worse than Denmark.

WW3: The easiest country to escape to in nuclear conflict has been revealedWW3: The easiest country to escape to in nuclear conflict has been revealed (Image: Getty)

Flights from the UK to

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