Ursula von der Leyen's EU dream 'more of a nightmare!' – Scathing response ...

EU COMMISSION candidate Ursula von der Leyen had her EU plans ruthlessly attacked by a German MEP in the European Parliament on Tuesday morning as he argued her plot was more of a “nightmare”.

PUBLISHED: 13:57, Tue, Jul 16, 2019 | UPDATED: 14:00, Tue, Jul 16, 2019

German MEP Martin Schirdewan attacked Jean-Claude Juncker's replacement candidate Ursula von der Leyen over her plans for the EU. Mr Schirdewan also took aim at plans for more spending towards defence and the idea of creating a "European space army" in the future. While in the European Parliament chamber in Strasbourg, he said: “For the billions of Euros that are now to be invested in the European defence sector, you have made that clear in your address.

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“That is money that would be far better spent on education, training and social justice.

“That money won’t be going to social affairs but into modern weapon systems.

“Some people are even dreaming of a European space army.

“To me, that sounds more like a nightmare than a dream."

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Ursula Martin SchirdewanUrsula Von Der Leyen was strongly criticised by Martin Schirdewan for her plans for the EU (Image: EU Parliament)

Martin Schirdewan EU armyMartin Schirdewan argued that Ursula Von Der Leyens EU plans where a nightmare (Image: EU Parliament)

He added: “But the idea of a European army or an army of Europeans, you are just playing with words.

“Your objective is clear, what you want to do is enhance the military side of the European Union to back up your foreign policy.

“This is something that our group in the European Parliament rejects decisively.

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